OSI Squash covers the cost of all balls used during our sessions, so you do not need to bring your own. We always have a supply of beginner’s balls (single blue dot), club balls (single yellow dot) and tournament balls (double yellow dot) at our disposal.
Furthermore, we have rackets you can borrow if you do not have your own. We also sell Grays rackets at a greatly reduced price. In addition, we also sell sportswear (OSI Squash t-shirts and sweatshirts), grips, and strings. Restringing your racket will cost around 150 NOK (if you bring strings) at Myrens. If you have any questions or would like to purchase something, contact the board.

We have trial rackets for each of the rackets we sell, so you can try them out before choosing which one suits you best.


Product name:Our price:AvailabilityRetail price:
OSI Squash t-shirt (all men’s and women’s sizes)50 NOK (1 free shirt for all new members)In stock230 NOK
OSI Squash sweatshirt200 NOKAvailable on order449 NOK
Grays Nanotec 120670 NOKIn stock1390 NOK
Grays Ice Blue 670 NOK SALE 375 NOK (trial racket)1 left, discontinued1150 NOK
Grays Light Blue Classic760 NOKIn stock1345 NOK
Grays Innovation Pro890 NOKIn stock1560 NOK
Eye X.Lite 120 Control 830 NOKAvailable on order1495 NOK
Eye X.Lite 110 Control 870 NOKAvailable on order1595 NOK
Strings50 NOKIn stockN/A
Karakal Grip20 NOKIn stock50 NOK

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