Training plan Spring 2019

The squash season is upon us! And with that we are starting with organized trainings again. We will run Basic and Advanced Trainings, alternating each week (schedule lower down in this post).

As a rule of thumb, you should feel fairly comfortable with most standard shots (straight drive, drop, boast, lob) and be able to keep a boast-and-drive routine going for the Advanced trainings. If you are uncertain about anything ask one of the trainers, we'll help you out.

The schedule for this semester is as follows:

Basic Training:
11.9. Basics, Rules, Drive
25.9. Serve
9.10. Boast
23.10. Drop
6.11. Movement
20.11. Lob

Advanced Training:
18.9. Drives and Lengths
2.10 Tactics, building up a rally
16.10. Boast, Drop, Movement
30.10. Crosscourt, Volley (drop)
13.11. Short (Boast, drop), Lob
27.11. Combining shots+movement

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