Open training autumn 2023


22/08 Tuesday 20:00-21:45

24/08 Thursday 20:00-21:45

27/08 Sunday 15:30-17:30

28/08 Monday 17:30-20:00

31/08 Thursday 20:00-21:45

3/09 Sunday 15:30-1730


 Domus Athletica

Adress: Trimveien 4, 0372 Oslo


Equipment you need:

We have some rackets and squshballs you can borrow. If you have your own racket you are more than welcome to bring it

 along. You also do not need to have an Athletica membership to join these sessions. The only thing you need are gymshoes.


How do I get up to the squash courts?

If you are early, one of our members should be ready to meet you at the reception. If they are not, you can ask the employees behind the desk that you are playing with OSI squash and they should let you in.


I have never played before, can I still join?
 Yes, most likely the majority will be beginner so we will take it easy to start with.

I can`t make it any of these dates or have any other questions.

Contact us and we will try to work something out. Note that you will likely need an Athletica membership to play other dates with us.

You can contact us on the webpage:

You can send a mail here:

You can also send a messenger message to the OSI squash user on facebook: