FAQ, Upodated 16/01/24

Updated for spring 2024

Monday (8.00-10.00)

Monday (1730-20.00)

Tuesday (20-21.45) (Most weeks, training for beginners)

Thursday (20-21.45)

Friday (8.00-10.00)

Sunday (1530-17:30)


No, we have some rackets that you can use(for free).

You need non-marking shoes(most gym shoes) and a membership at Athletica.

The cost for joining us is divided into two costs.
One is the training fee for joining the squash club and the other is for joining OSI.

When you join any OSI club (for example the squash or football group) then you will automaticially become a member of OSI.
But you do not need to pay the OSI membership more than once if you are a part of multiple OSI clubs.

Below is the table with the costs for joining the squash group, if you have already payed the OSI membership fee then you can disregard this.

Admin fees inside (____)
Squash group fee
OSI Membership fee
Total cost per semester
150 + (12) kr
120 + (12) kr
294 kr
200+ (12)
300 + (12 ish)
524 kr

Someone on the board will receive a mail on their OSI mail and will get notified that someone has aplied for a membership.

They will then (most likely) accept the application. When it gets accepted then you should receive a welcome mail with information. You should find a link to joining both the Spond and facebook group. You might also get a mail with information about paying the invoices, if you join early in the semester you might not reciece it at once. Usually the OSI membership fee is later in the semester (1 month or so from the start).

After you have received this you should be ready to start playing! You can register for the sessions you want to join and then we will see you there!

If you still have any questions or need help to get started do not hesitate to reach out, see contact question here (under general in the FAQ) or on the website

Accepting membership is manual process, if it takes longer than a few days you can ask in the facebook group or send a mail to styreleder@squash.osi.no.
Also check your email spam folder and earlier emails.

All Oslo students can join


You have to register as a non-student unless you are also a normal student

If you wish to get some help, you can send an email to styreleder@squash.osi.no or ask in the OSI squash active members facebook group and then you should be able to get some help. 

Another option is to join a training on Tuesday, check the session if it is called a beginner training in the spond app to see if it there is a training that week.

If you decide to join another session, you should be able to get some help if you tell them that you are a new player.

Let us know here:

1. You can send an e-mail to styreleder@squash.osi.no.

2. You can ask in the facebookgroup, Osi Squash active members

3. You can ask with the contact form on the webpage

Possible solutions if you want to fix it yourselves:

1. Check if the app is available in your country, if it is not, you can change your country at your apple/android/other user to Norwegian. Another alternative is to use the webpage, but then you need to get an invite by e-mail. Which you will get if you contact us as described above

After your membership application has been accepted you should have received a mail with an invitation to our Spond group. After downloading the Spond app and insert the group code then you will be accepted into the Spond group shortly.
When this happends you can look at our session inside the app or the website and click on the session you wish to join!

If you cannot find the mail with the Spond code, contact us and we will fix it!

You can click on the relevant session and click the red "decline" button.

1. You can send an e-mail to styreleder@squash.osi.no.

2. You can ask in the facebookgroup, Osi Squash active members

3. You can ask with the contact form on the webpage