Domus Athletica has 2 squash courts. We have the courts booked at the following times:

  • Monday 0800-1000 - Free play
  • Monday 1730-2000 - Box League
  • Tuesday 2000-2145 - Practice with trainer
  • Thursday 2000-2145 - Free play
  • Friday 0800-1000 - Free play
  • Sunday 1530-1730 - Free play

All sessions with a given number of players requires pre registration. This is done through our calendar, only registered members can sign up. The morning sessions do not require registration, but we recommend posting to our Facebook group to see if anyone else plans on playing.

*There will be one group session with a trainer per week with focus on technique and routines. Every second week there will be basic training and the other weeks there will be advanced training. Players who'd like to attend the advanced training should be able to do the boast and drive routine.

**The box league on Mondaysare devided into four boxes with four players in each box. Box 1 and 2 will be played in the first session and box 3 and 4 in the second session. The players in each box play each other, so there will be 6 matches (best of three games) in each box. The winner of each box will go one box up the following week and the losers in each box goes down one box. Thus the box league results in a ladder which means players will play others aproximately at the same level as themselves. Which box a player will be in is determined by the current ladder. Players are awarded points for eahc match they win, which will result in a winner of the whole semester.