FAQ/Hvis du leser dette så er denne ikke ferdig!


No, we have some rackets that you can use(for free).

You need non-marking shoes(most gym shoes) and a membership at Athletica.

Accepting membership is manual process, if it takes longer than a few days you can ask in the facebook group or send a mail to styreleder@squash.osi.no

All Oslo students can join


You have to register as a non-student unless you are also a normal student

If you wish to get some help, you can send an email to styreleder@squash.osi.no or ask in the OSI squash active members facebook group and then you should be able to get some help. 

Another option is to join a training on tuesday, check the facebookgroup if it is training that week.

If you decide to join another session, you should be able to get some help if you tell them that you are a new player.

There are multiple ways to cancel. One way is to go into the calender then click on "Les mer" on the session you wish to cancel. Below "Dine påmeldinger" there should be your name and to the right you can cancel the signup by clicking "Meld av".

Another way is to click on your profile "Min side/My page" at the top right of the page. Here you can see what sessions you are signed up for, and also cancel them by clicking "Meld av". 

Click calender -> upcomming -> then select the session you wish to join by clicking on the "Les mer" button. Then click the "Påmelding" button, choose your name and then confirm your signup.

1. You can send an e-mail to styreleder@squash.osi.no.

2. You can ask in the facebookgroup, Osi Squash active members


Monday (8.00-10.00)

Monday (1730-20.00)

Tuesday (20-21.45)

Thursday (20-21.45)

Friday (8.00-10.00)

Sunday (1530-18.00)

You can alse see these in the calendar.